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New Parent Tribe

The New Parent Tribe has quarterly gatherings, allowing parents to meet fellow parents, meet new friends, discuss concerns, share joys and develop new supports.  Gatherings are intended for expectant parents and parents with children ages 0-3.

Often there is childcare and food provided.


"We’ve made some life long friends just because our kids have Down syndrome. We’re all just regular people that got lucky enough to have someone join our life that reminds us daily how joyful it can and should be,

DSCNWA does a great job connecting people to important resources. One of the most important resources is someone to talk to who’s been through it. Someone like you, perhaps, that had an otherwise charmed life and suddenly found their world rocked one day. It can take you to some dark places. It’s normal. You’re not alone. You are loved. There is help. There are shoulders to cry on, ears to listen, people to advise, and friends to be made. We have felt it. 


When we are able to have fellowship with other parents via DSCNWA events we never regret it"

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