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New Parent Basket

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Sometimes when a baby with Down syndrome is born, the hospital staff notifies the parents that the DSCNWA has a gift basket available to them and if the family is interested in accepting the gift basket then the hospital contacts our organization on behalf of the family.


Family members, friends, medical providers, social workers and others may also request a basket on behalf of the parents, to be delivered to the hospital or family’s home address (in NWA).


Request A New Parent Basket

No patient information is exchanged unless the family volunteers their information and the HIPAA laws of privacy are respected.

Baskets Include


Resources: Baskets include an introduction to the Down Syndrome Connection of Northwest Arkansas (DSCNWA) and also supply information for parents and caregivers to make connections with local organizations and resources that can prove vital moving forward on this journey. 

Each basket will include literature that works to provide multiple perspectives when processing a diagnosis of Down syndrome. Some are included to provide facts about Down syndrome, some to share thoughts and feelings from a parent/caregiver perspective, and some are included to represent individuals with Down syndrome in children's literature. These are especially helpful when explaining Down syndrome to siblings and friends throughout the journey. 

  • First Steps New Parent Magazine (provides info on DSCNWA, Arkansas resources, family stories)

  • Babies with Down Syndrome (covers best practices for raising kids with DS to age 5)

  • Gifts 2 (70 people share their experiences with loved ones with Down syndrome)

  • 47 Strings (a children's book that simply explains DS and how we are more alike than different)

  • What I Want You To Know (short encouraging thoughts written from your baby's perspective)

  • The Crown On Your Head board book (kids book about how everyone is unique and special)

  • Welcome to Holland Poem (inspirational poem about the  journey being different but beautiful)

  • DSDN pamphlet (National DS organization)

  • Family Support Network Pamphlet (local to NWA)

Baby Items: Celebrating a new baby is a joyous occasion!  We know that sometimes a diagnosis of Down syndrome can be perceived as a negative. Many people don't know what to say, and some replace "Congratulations" with "I'm sorry".  We want to celebrate your baby with you!  Each basket provides a unique selection of baby items. It is the hope of organization that each family feel supported, loved, and valued during this time.

Please provide as much information as you are able.


We want to be able to connect with new parents as soon as they are ready so that we can deliver a new parent basket and help provide support.

Request A New Parent Basket
Sex of baby with Down syndrome if availabe
Diagnoses if available
Is this baby a first baby?
Is this a Spanish speaking family?
Who should we contact?

Thanks! We will be in touch soon!

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