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New and Expecting Parents

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Learning that your child will have Down syndrome can be overwhelming. You are probably experiencing a range of emotions as you adjust to the diagnosis. It is completely natural for you to have a number of questions, concerns and/or fears. We have all shared the experience and have felt the way you are feeling. 

Our members have experienced the full spectrum of emotions which comes from having a child with special needs... Fear, anger, questioning, sadness, comparing, guilt, and more.  We invite you to contact our organization so that we may offer you support and help you connect with other families who understand what you are going through. We have families willing to discuss their experience and share their insights whether it's over the phone, a visit to you your home, or even at the hospital.

The first weeks after a baby's birth are usually stressful and hectic for all parents. You may feel comfortable contacting us immediately or you may not be ready for a while. Please know that we are here for you at any time...whenever you may be ready. We look forward to meeting you and your precious child.

Feel free to contact DSCNWA with any questions. We are here for you. We can match you with other parents who have walked in your shoes, refer you to community based service providers and deliver a welcome basket full of resources.

Congratulations and Welcome New Parents!
We are here to support you on this new journey.

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