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DSCNWA Ambassadors

Our DSCNWA Ambassadors are self advocates who represent DSCNWA by volunteering their time and talents.

Trent Timmons

Trent lives in Springdale with his parents. He has a very active social life! He is involved with Special Olympics bowling and Top Golf. He participates in Zumba and Hip Hop Dance classes every week. He is a diehard Razorback fan and WWE Fan. He loves coke, slushies and M&Ms. And most of all he is positively contagious with joy and light.

Liam Meza

Liam lives with his parents in Bella Vista. Liam is an avid award winning swimmer. In 2022 he completed the OZ Mile swim in Beaver Lake. Liam also does Special Olympics bowling and Top Golf. He loves music and movies and is quite the trivia aficionado. Liam writes over 300 thank you cards on behalf of DSCNWA every year.  Liam brings fun, laughter and smiles everywhere he goes.

Bekah Henderson

Bekah lives with her mom in Fayetteville. Bekah is an active member of Lifestyles. She has a wonderful imagination and enjoys dressing for the occasion. She loves performing and dancing.  She is a wonderfully supportive friend and is always the first to offer encouragement and support. Bekah brings a sweet giving spirit to the world.

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