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Age Specific Program Groups

DSCNWA offers programs for our members with Down syndrome based on our Pillars of Programming to promote lifelong learning and independence. 


We have two age specific groups that meet regularly | Play PALS and STARS Club

You can see info about each group below.

We focus on learning skills that will help individuals with Down syndrome to be successful in their homes, their relationships with friends and family, their communities and their work and school. 

We have a new Program Theme each year to add a fun element to programming for participants such as MY DSCNWA Badges, Passport to Independence, Skill Masters and Big World Adventure.

For kids with Down syndrome ages 0-12 plus siblings and parents




Play PALS focus 

  • Interacting cooperatively with peers and making friends.

  • Building social and verbal skills.

  • Working on engaged participation and following directions.

  • Working on age-appropriate self-advocacy and independence skills.


Play PALS programs are usually held once a month.

Parents stay during programs and actively help Play PALS and siblings participate. 


For teens and adults with Down syndrome ages 13+ plus 


STARS Club_edited.png

STARS CLUB programs are usually held twice a month.

Parents do not stay during programs. Parents will sign participants in and out at drop off and pick up.

Parents agree to Independent Participant Policy when registering.


  • Interacting cooperatively with peers and making friends and maintaining friendships.

  • Flexing social and verbal skills.

  • Practicing self-advocacy and self-expression to live a well-rounded fulfilling life.

  • Continued practice and development of independent skills with daily living and vocational skills.

  • Establishing and maintaining healthy habits.



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