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Parents & Medical Providers

DSCNWA strives to offer parents, family and friends and medical providers with support and education so they can best parent, support and/or care for loved ones with Down syndrome through all stages of life. 

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We're here to support you as you get established in your new community. We have put together this guide to help you navigate services and opportunities in NWA and the State of Arkansas.


We have compiled a list of therapy providers in Northwest Arkansas that provide OT, PT and Speech to aid you in finding services.


We have curated a variety of resources for parents to aid in help with common issues and concerns such as IEPs, breastfeeding, potty training etc. as well as resources to share with peers.

DSCNWA want to help medical providers deliver superior care and support to patients with  Down syndrome and their families to facilitate positive experiences and support the best outcomes. We offer in person trainings, a video training and a number of online materials.

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